As 3 “escolas” das Public Relations – III

The Economist refere ainda a existência de uma “escola”, mais recente, a quem podemos chamar de “advocacia” e cujo “campeão” é Tim Bell, o mais conhecido dos Public Relations ingleses da actualidade, antigo consultor de Margaret Thatcher e dono do grupo associado à Bell Pottinger.


Sustenta Bell: “I am not an international ethics body. We do communications work. If people want to communicate their argument we take the view that they are allowed to do so”.


Escreve The Economist: “Justifying their image-making on behalf of unappealing clients, PR men have developed another version of what their industry is for – an alternative to the well-established ‘honest broker’ (Lee) and ‘great manipulator’ (Bernays) models – in which they portray themselves as defence lawyers in the court of public opinion”.


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